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Antique Tuareg Leather Wallet Pouch


Traditional leather wallet pouch made by Tuareg people over 100 years ago! This one has a lovely geometric tribal design etched into the leather with a decorative overstitched flap.

This pouch is very cleverly made with the money pouch hidden inside the main leather cover, both attached to each other by the cord worn around the neck. To open, just tug on the leather fringing at the base and the wallet pulls out revealing several flip leather strips and finally a pocket in which coins could be stored. Each flip strip is personalised with coloured leather or painted designs using pigment.

The pouch would have been worn hanging around the neck or safely hidden under outer robes.

Beautiful collector’s item.


Early 1900s


Leather & pigment


22.0 cm (h) x 7.0 cm (w)


91.0 g