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Authentic ethnic jewellery and adornment from North Africa & beyond

Martin and Kathy in Essaouira

Hello, we’re Kathy and Martin, the owners of Vintage Ethnic Jewellery online gallery (formerly Berber Jewellery). We are based in central England, UK.

One of our passions in life is vintage ethnic jewellery. We’re fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in Morocco for several years. It was a time which gave us a deeper appreciation for the culture of the Moroccan people, particularly their creative flair, expressed beautifully in their jewellery and rug-making. It also opened our eyes to the beauty and diversity of ethnic jewellery as a whole from all corners of the globe.

During this time, we met and befriended many private collectors, dealers and individuals, experts in their field, from whom we bought - and continue to buy - many of the stunning pieces that you’ll find on our website. Other items are sourced from private collectors in the UK. Each piece of jewellery is carefully chosen on its individual merit; each item has a story to tell, it has been preloved and cherished.

Our previous customers include esteemed film production companies, exhibition organisers and numerous individuals around the world who share the same passion for ethnic adornment.

A note about our new name:

We have recently changed our name as we have become increasingly aware that the term 'Berber' is offensive to the Amazigh people of North Africa. We do not wish to offend, therefore we feel a change in our name is important. At the same time, we believe our new name better reflects the range of items we now sell. 

Please feel free to browse our gallery and enjoy looking at the pieces we’ve chosen for you. If you find an item you love, you can pay securely via our website and we’ll get it shipped to you as soon as we can. Any questions, just drop us a line: