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Vintage Tuareg Leather Camel Bag


This leather bag was made by the Touareg people who organised trade routes through the Sahara to the northern coastal towns of Africa. They used camel leather painted with tribal motifs to fashion bags such as this for the transportation of goods. This bag would have been used for many years to transport both personal possessions such as clothes, drink and food across Saharan sands, as well as possibly goods for trading. The original rope is still attached. Due to its age and usage, there are obvious signs of wear. A beautiful piece with a story.

I love the distinct colours of this Tuareg bag and the fact that it is hand-painted. No two are identical. I would love to know what it carried across the Saharan sands.

Circa 1950.

120 cm x 52 cm / 3' 11" x 1' 8".

3.70 kg.

Ref: TRG-BAG-100.