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Old Silver, Enamel & Chevron Tuareg Ring


A vintage authentic silver Tuareg ring with a central chevron bead. The silver is good quality (tested). These multi-layered chevron beads were originally made in Murano, Venice, and were transported to North Africa in the 15th century where Tuareg silversmiths incorporated slices of the beads to make these beautiful rings. The chevron is set inside a protective eye motif which is surrounded by engraved patterns. The wide band has inlaid strips of resin. In good vintage condition. Stunning.


Circa 1970


Silver, resin & chevron


Head dimensions:
0.4 cm (h) x 1.6 cm (w) x 1.2 cm (d)
Approximate ring size:
UK: W - X
USA: 11 - 11¾
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13.5 g