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Old Natural Baltic Amber and Wood Necklace


A beautiful necklace comprising 5 large genuine natural amber beads (UV light & saline tested) interspersed with ebony wood beads with aluminium inlay. The colouration of each chunky amber piece is beautiful. There is a crack in one of the amber beads (see photo) as is often the case in such ancient elements due to wear, but the bead is robust. This attests to its authenticity. A stunning stylish necklace that slips over the head. There is no clasp. Purchased in Morocco.

Please note: The amber is genuine, not faux amber or phenolic resin – this is genuine Baltic amber in various warm shades that was used for trading in Africa. It has been tested. Due to the nature of amber, the pieces are not uniform in size and exhibit natural imperfections as you would expect. These authenticate the amber and add to its charm.


Vintage/ancient elements 


5 x genuine amber pieces with ebony wood & aluminium beads from Mali


70.0 cm full length
Amber beads vary between 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm in diameter


95.0 g




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