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Old Pair of Moroccan Silver Fibulae, 'Tizerzai' – RARE


Stunning old pair of linked high-grade silver fibulae from Guelmim, southern Morocco, made circa 1940. The complete piece comprises two silver moulded ornate ‘brooches’ and a solid chain that links the two together, secured by simple cylindrical cases. It is quite a weighty item. This is a rare piece, very collectible, especially as it is complete and in good vintage condition. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find authentic old complete pieces like this now. Highly collectible.

What is a fibula (pl. fibulae)?
Fibulae, widely utilised by women throughout North Africa, serve as a common type of garment fastener. Usually consisting of two intricate brooches with pins and hoops designed to secure layers of fabric, they are typically linked by decorative chains and often adorned with additional embellishments or amulets. Distinctive in shape and style, these fibulae vary across different regions, reflecting the diverse cultural heritage of each locality.




High-grade Silver


Main element 12.5 cm (h) x 5.2 cm (w)
Overall pin to pin length, 104 cm


349.0 g




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