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Old Moroccan ‘Tizerzai’ Fibula, Ait Semmeg


Complete mid-century fibula from the Ait Semmeg tribal region, near the source of the Oued N’Fis, Morocco. This fibula is relatively small and delicate in comparison with many other traditional fibulae from Morocco. The ‘brooch’ parts are typical of this region, featuring a ‘sunburst’ design with a central dark red glass cabochon. Attached to the double chains are silver circular elements which show remnants of where once beautiful enamelling was applied alongside fine silverwork. The design is on both sides of these elements. Each element has a diamond-shaped blue glass cabochon. The central fibula element has old coin dangles dated 1299, 1313, and 1320 Hijri years (1882, 1895, and 1902 in the Gregorian calendar). This is a beautiful fibula with a worn patina, obviously a much-loved piece.




High-grade silver, glass & enamel


Overall length: 52 cm
Brooch 10.6 cm (h)


77.2 g




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