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Antique Silver Enamelled Tabzimt from Kabylie, Algeria


A beautiful antique example of a traditional tabzimt (fibula). The circular fibula is richly decorated with cloisonné enamelling and detailed silver work. It is adorned with five original raised Bakelite elements and has eleven dangles, each decorated with the same blue, yellow and green enamel work and Bakelite detail. At the beginning of the 20th century, Bakelite was imported from Europe due to difficulties in obtaining coral. This led to broken pieces of coral being replaced by bakelite in old examples of Kabylie workmanship like this tabzimt.

The reverse of the fibula is also ornately decorated with enamel work. An amazing collector’s piece due to its rarity and the beauty of its intricate workmanship. Good quality silver too!

A tabzimt was traditionally given to a bride as part of her dowry from her parents or sometimes presented to a mother by her husband on the birth of her first son. She would wear it attached to a headband or on her chest as a fibula or pendant. This one is in very good condition for its age.




Silver, enamel & Bakelite


10.5 cm (h) x 9.5 cm (w) exc. dangles.
Dangles: 3.0 cm


222 g




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