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RARE Antique Silver & Coral Earrings, Bukhara, Uzbekistan


Gorgeous antique silver earrings, made in the Emirate of Bukhara (present day Uzbekistan) more than 120 years ago! The numerous dangles of these long earrings are adorned with coral beads and have a leaf/seed motif at the end. At the top of each earring is a floral motif. These earrings have a lovely natural patina, developed over time and are in very good condition for their age. The ear hooks are 0.7 mm in width, suitable for wearing. They are, however, quite heavy, weighing in at 15.3 g each, so please check suitability before buying if you want to wear them. They are also highly collectible.


Circa 1900


Silver & coral


Drop 8.4 cm
Wire width: 0.7 mm


30.5 g