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Vintage Silver Karanphool Jhumka Earrings, Uttar Pradesh, India


Outstanding vintage Karanphool jhumka earrings with gajre silver ball clusters. These were made by hand in the 1940s in Uttar Pradesh, India, using high grade silver. The stunning ‘flower’ part has gold-foiled glass petals interspersed with tiny rubies, emeralds and glass beads. The large silver ball clusters are complete and intact. The work on these earrings is very intricate and attractive. On the back is a thick post that goes through the wearer’s distended earlobe. This is plugged with material and scented with oils or perfume. There is a hook at the top of the ‘flower’ to which a chain would have been attached and connected with a hair slide to further support the weight of the earrings.

This pair of stunning earrings may have been worn by Nautch dancing girls. They are unique and highly collectible, absolutely stunning.




High-grade silver (tested), emeralds, rubies, glass and amber


13.5 cm (h)
Ball cluster:
3.5 cm (h) x 4.5 cm (w)
Central element:
3.5 cm (h) x 4.0 cm (w)


142.0 g for the pair