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Rare Antique Silver Trarza ‘Boghdad’ Cross, Mauritania


A rare antique silver boghdad cross made in the late 1800s, from the area of Boultilimit in the Trarza region of Mauritania. A finely engraved silver sheet is cut and mounted on a base of ebony wood via rivets, the heads of which are the dominant silver ball granulations.

This beautiful cross has further silver wire decoration on the top and further cross shapes have been formed using silver wire in each of the cut-out ‘arms’ of the cross. At the centre is a lighter colour decorative section, possibly layered leather. This cross has a rich patina, developed over years of wear. We have chosen to preserve this. It would have been made and worn by the Saharan/Tuareg people who lived in the Trarza region of south-west Mauritania. Very collectible unique piece.

Photo props are not included.


Late 1800s


Silver & ebony


4.36 cm (h) x 4.55 cm (w) 1.06 cm


7.6 g




Fisher, A. (1998). Africa Adorned. New York: H. Abrams, p. 222