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Antique Silver & Enamel Moroccan Berber 'Hirz' (Amulet) Pendant from Ida ou Semlal


An antique high-grade silver hirz (amulet) from Ida ou Semlal, Anti Atlas Mountains, Morocco. It has beautiful traditional ochre yellow, blue and green enamel, complete with a piece of raised red translucent glass. It is believed that the raised conical points give extra protection from harm to the wearer. This 1920s amulet has some wear commensurate with age. The quality of silver is high (tested). The last photo is of similar amulets in the MAP Museum, Marrakech.


Circa 1920


Silver, enamel & glass


4.5 cm (h) x 6.5 cm (w) x 1.5 cm (d)


47 g




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