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Moroccan Carnelian Designer Necklace by Faouzi Mghatete


Made by the acclaimed Marrakech jewellery designer, Faouzi (Faouzi Mghatete), this stunning one-off necklace is a real homage to carnelian! A whole year was spent searching for the much sought-after large carnelian tanfouk/talhakimt* that make up the six pendants – each with an elaborate handmade silver, brass and copper encasement. In addition to this, the individual pendants are interspersed with eleven large faceted carnelian semi-precious stones which separate and align the tanfouk pendants beautifully. The resulting resemblance to a Tuareg-style necklace is deliberate. An absolutely amazing designer necklace that deserves to be seen out and about or even on the catwalk.

*A tanfouk/talhakimt is a triangular-shaped piece of carnelian often worn by wealthy women from Mali and Mauritania as a hair ornament (see photo). It is believed that the tanfouk symbolises sunrise and the beginning of new life.


Vintage tanfouk, modern design


Carnelian, silver, copper, brass & material


48.0 cm circumference
Tanfouk length inc. encasement 10.5 cm width 5.7 cm


554.0 g




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