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Exceptionally Rare Antique Berber Wedding Headdress, Zaiane, Morocco


A spectacular, exceptionally rare Berber wedding headdress from the Zaiane region of Morocco, dated approximately the late 1800s. It comprises a woollen headband with a double row of ancient coins attached - Moroccan, Spanish and Ottoman - the earliest Spanish coin dated 1722. Hanging down from the headband are seven cascades of yet more ancient coins, hammered and sewn together, their purpose being to conceal the bride’s face. These are interspersed with individual coin dangles with coral beads. Along the headband are decorative glass and coral beads and at the top of each cascade are yet more coral beads. The plaited length of the headband that ties around the back of the bride’s head has colourful woollen tassels. It is likely this magnificent headdress was worn by a bride and then kept locked away by the family in a chest for future special occasions. It is in excellent condition for its age and very heavy with all those coins attached! A museum piece for a serious collector.

Photo props are not included.


Late 1800s


Old Moroccan coins, Spanish coins, Ottoman coins, coral, glass & wool


750.0 g




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