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EXCEPTIONAL Traditional Antique Amazigh (Berber) Headdress, Ida ou Nadif, Morocco with matching Earrings/Temporals – RARE


Exceptionally stunning traditional headdress, over 150 years old, made by the Ida ou Nadif tribe (or possibly the neighbouring tribe, Ida ou Zekri), Anti Atlas Mountains, Morocco. It is accompanied by matching earrings/temporals.

The headdress comprises a woollen headband (not surprisingly replaced at some point during its lifetime due to wear) with 11 old nielloed circular discs adorned with red glass cabochons, 9 of which have 3 dangles and yet more red glass cabochons. The 27 dangles are mainly in the shape of the goddess, Tanit, a symbol of fertility. Also attached to the band are 10 antique rings, again adorned with red glass cabochons. The woven band is completed with coloured wool tassels. All the decoration is high grade silver (tested).

Matching crescent-shaped nielloed temporal earrings complete the set. The flat crescent shape of the earrings are nielloed and have red glass cabochons. Another red glass cabochon adorns the front of each earring with attached matching dangles.

This complete jewellery set really is a spectacular piece for collectors, all in very good antique condition and a real find.

Photo props are not included.




High-grade silver & glass, wool


8.0 cm (h) inc. dangles x 176.0 cm (l)
8.2 cm (h) x 8.2 cm (w)


285.0 g (headdress & temporals)




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