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Vintage Ceremonial Turkmen Headdress from Afghanistan


A beautiful traditional tribal headpiece from Afghanistan, made by hand circa 1980. Engraved metal discs are attached to the quilted hat with multicoloured beading decoration using silk, cotton and wool. Two woven sidebands hang either side of the hat which again are highly decorated with beaded dangles. The front of the hat features a large tribal decorative hirz or plaque with dangles and coloured glass decoration. Large pieces of stranded coral top the central hirz/plaque.

The back of the hat comprises a very long piece of black material surmounted by a variety of buttons, shells, beaded dangles, metal discs and additional items.

An amazing unique headdress, possibly used as a bride’s adornment for her wedding day.


Circa 1980


Coral, wool, cotton, silk, metal & glass


96.0 cm total length


920 g