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Antique Silver Fibula, Ait Ouaouzguite, Morocco – RARE


Magnificent antique silver fibulae, complete with chain, made by the Ait Ouaouzguite tribes of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco, circa 1920. The almond-shaped engraved fibulae with their pins attach robes together on each side of the chest, whilst the chain connects the two pins, making this a very elaborate form of adornment as well as being functional. Suspended from the connecting rings are two different pendants. One is a hollow almond-shaped case with filigree decoration, the other an open-worked amulet case, both with matching bell dangles. It is believed that the hollow case may have contained cloves to ward off evil or perfume to scent. Three large silver beads further adorn the fibula, along with connecting ornate box-design elements.

This is a rare and beautiful fibula, a museum piece. Perfect for a collector of antique Amazigh (Berber) adornment.


Circa 1920




71 cm length


258.6 g




Draguet, M. and Merode, N., 2020. Berber Memories. Yale University Press, p. 482