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Antique Yemeni Headdress Temporal


Antique low-silver Yemeni temporal, originally part of a headdress. There would have been two of these attached to the central headdress, hanging each side of the head (see photos). Long bell dangles are attached to a plaque with a red glass cabochon. The jangling of the bells is believed to ward off all evil and provide protection for the wearer. Red glass cabochons are often used in Yemeni jewellery to bring good health to the wearer, especially during childbirth. An eye-catching piece, made early 20th century. Could be worn as an attractive and unusual pendant.


Circa 1920


Low Silver & glass


Plaque: 4.4 cm (h) x 3.1 cm (w)
25.4 (l) inc. dangles


96 g