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Large Yemeni ‘Muthallath’ Pendant


A large striking triangular-shaped pendant with bell dangles and beautiful decoration, made early 20th century.

The workmanship on this piece is of excellent quality. The small hamsa hands are perceived to give protection to the wearer, as is the jangling sound of the bells. Red glass cabochons like those used here are often used in Yemeni jewellery to bring good health to the wearer, especially during childbirth. A very attractive tribal piece in lovely condition.

This piece is made of low-grade silver. The amount of silver used by Yemenite silversmiths to make jewellery depended on the wealth of the person commissioning the piece as silver was a scarce commodity, especially in rural areas. However, the silversmiths still carried out work to the same standard regardless of the metal used, creating beautiful decorative items.


Circa 1940


Low-grade silver & glass


26.0 cm (h) inc. dangles x 13.0 cm (w)


207 g




Ransom, M. (2014). Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba: Regional Yemeni Jewelry. AUC Press, p 88.