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Large Antique Genuine Natural Baltic Amber Bead (29 mm / 7.9 g) - 313


This is a warm honey-toned bead, semi translucent and in good robust condition.

This bead would have been used for trading throughout Africa over many years. It is not plastic, faux amber, bakelite, phenolic or copal – this bead is real authentic amber – it has been tested using multiple tests including UV light and saline tests.

This bead is already drilled and therefore suitable to be strung on a necklace if desired.

Please note: The colour of the individual pieces of amber will vary according to light conditions. We have endeavoured to make the photos as near to the correct colouring as possible.




Genuine amber


2.9 cm (l) x 2.3 cm (w) x 1.7 cm (thick)


7.9 g